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Taiga premium Coolers

Taiga® — pronounced (ty-gha) — is the name given to the subarctic forest. Taiga® coolers are rugged and stay cold like the land.

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179823 TAIGA 27qt. Insulated Cooler with Grasshopper logo

Taiga Insulated 27qt Cooler with Grasshopper Mowers logo

Personal cooler for icing down your favorite beverages or food during a day at the park, or while out exploring the great outdoors. True to size, made with injection-molded polypropylene, UV resistant, heavily insulated and offers an indestructible limited lifetime warranty.

Grasshopper logo molded directly in exterior.

Holds up to 24 cans & a bag of ice. 2" thick walls and 3" thick lid with R5 insulation give unbreakable strength and keep the cold colder. Oversized drain plug for fast draining. Four Hydro-turf, high performance traction feet. 3/16" thick no-break, polypropylene walls with UV stabilizers and anti-microbial additives to insure a lifetime of strength and durability. Made in USA with Limited Lifetime warranty.

inside view, Taiga Insulated 27qt Cooler

Additional Features:
• Leak proof, recessed, seamless lid gasket combines with the ridged air flow barrier to seal the lid for maximum ice retention.
• 1/4" Diameter aluminum hinge rod secures the integrated self-stopping lid to the cooler.
• Two heavy duty UV-protected lid latches maintain a strong lid seal.
• Polypropylene is FDA compliant for food contact.
• Two secure tie downs on either side of the cooler that allow the lid to open.
• One lid lock location to secure the cooler to prevent unwanted drink theft.
• Exterior dimensions: 23" (L) x 15.5" (W) x 15" (H)
• Interior dimensions: 15" (L) x 12.5" (W) x 10" (H)

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