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for GRASSHOPPER® 3452 & 3461 DECKS

PowerFold® provides easy accessibility to the underside of the deck for simplified maintenance and mulching package installation, as well as space-saving portability and storage. The feature also controls both cutting height and deck lift functions with a single switch. Adjust cutting heights between 1.0 and 4.5 inches, and spacers allow you to return to a preset height every time. Standard composite spacers for ½-inch increments.

Part Number: 504226     Price: $670.     Call 866-698-4070 to Order

Optional 504784 Universal Wiring Harness: $99.

If your Grasshopper™ Mower is not already equipped with this harness, it will be needed for the Powerfold™ to work correctly.
If you are unsure whether or not your mower is equipped with this, call our friendly sales staff with your model and serial number and we will help make sure you have all the right parts.

Powerfold Kit with Height Adjustment for 3451 and 3462 Grasshopper Mower

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