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Air Filters

1208305s   -   Air filter element w/ seal kit

235116s   -   Filter Element

4708301s   -   Filter Element

4788303s1   -   Air Filter

2588303s1   -   Air Filter

2488303s1   -   Air Filter

2508304s   -   Inner Air Filter

2508301s   -   Main Heavy Duty Air Filter System

2508302s   -   Air Filter primary (main filter for heavy duty kit)

4708303s   -   Standard Air filter fits 218 & 220's 2004 or older

2408302s   -   Wrapper/Pre-cleaner for filter #4708303s

237421s   -   Pre-Cleaner

2408305s   -   Pre-Cleaner

2808303s   -   Air filter element kit (use pre filter 2808302s, below)

2808302s   -   Pre filter

Kohler 2808302S

Oil Filters

Kohler 1205001S

12-050-01S  -   Oil Filter - Heavy Duty 723 & smaller 223 & smaller

Kohler 5205002S

52-050-02S   -    Oil Filter for 25hp or larger

Fuel Filters

25-050-22S   -   Fuel Filter

Spark Plugs

Q16PRU11   -   Spark Plug


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