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Made with Cordura® Fabric, includes
Embroidered Back with Grasshopper Logo, and Safety Belt

Please Note: This seat and all mount kits are made only for
2005 and later models. There is a safety compliance issue with attempting to install these on earlier models.

Premier Grammer Seat Assembly for Grasshopper Mowers

This optional premier suspension seat offers the ultimate in comfort. Adjustable backrest, armrests and lumbar support with weight-adjusted suspension control provide maximum comfort for operators of all sizes and preferences.

"Design for Use" Configuration – Controls are shaped and placed so the operator intuitively learns how to adjust seat position.
Lumbar support adjusts by turning a hand wheel on the left back of the seat; change height and depth of the backrest bulge according to your preference and comfort to support the spine. The backrest adjusts easily to various degrees of recline.
Optimal suspension comfort adjusts to a large weight range from 100 to 375 lbs (45 to 170 kg).
• Ergonomically shaped adjustable armrests provide additional lateral stability, keeping arms more relaxed to allow longer working intervals without tiring.
Lowest seat index point (7.9 inches/200 mm) of any seat with full suspension – including integrated, retractable safety belt – to maintain a low center of gravity.

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503671 - Grammer Premier Suspension Seat Assembly with safety belt

In addition to the seat, you will need to select
the seat mount kit for your tractor/mower:

503666 - for 600 series Front Mount Tractor
503667 - for 700 & 900 Liquid or Air Cooled Front Mounts, including older Kawasaki-powered models
503668 - for 200 series Horizontal Engine Mid Mounts (will not fit Vertical Engine models)
503669 - for 300 & 400 series Liquid Cooled Mid Mounts
503670 - for 300 series Air Cooled Mid-Mounts, including 329b and 335b
503672 - for the new 300v 28 h.p. Mid-Mount

At this time there is not a seat mount kit available to install a Grammer seat on any Grasshopper 200v series with a vertical engine.


503707 - Tall Boy QuikAdjust Levers (2 inches taller)
503708 - Tall Boy QuikAdjust Levers, with Hydraulic Switch in Right Lever
503713 - Standard Tall Boy Levers (2 inches taller)

Premier Grammer Seat Assembly for Grasshopper Mowers

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