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About Us

The Mower Shop of Fort Smith, Arkansas, had its beginnings in 1986. Our original product lines, Toro® and Stihl®, were the cornerstones of the business. As commercial product demands escalated in the 1990s, so did our product lines. In 1990, Grasshopper®, being one of the original Zero-Turn mowers in America, was the Mower Shop's first choice to serve the growing market of commercial users and homeowners wanting to save time and increase productivity. With the advent of online shopping, we launched our website in 1999. Today, the Mower Shop's internet store is a number 1 hit with Grasshopper® customers seeking fast, reliable service providing parts shipped directly to their door. As we've grown and times have changed, The Mower Shop's mission has remained the same: Offering the best service, parts inventory, and professional sales for Grasshopper®, Honda®, and Stihl® outdoor power equipment.

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At The Mower Shop we have Factory Trained Technicians for all of our equipment. Whether it's Stihl®, Honda®, or Grasshopper® you can rest assured we have the trained specialist for your equipment. Our Stihl Technician is Masterwrench™ Platinum Level Trained, the highest you can get with Stihl®. We send our technicians to factory training updates every year, so we can have the answers to the questions you have. Our technicians share that information with our sales staff to keep them informed about any changes there may be in the product lines. We thank you for the many years of proving ourselves to you by repairing your equipment in a timely, professional manner.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you, whether you are local or a nationwide customer, and we hope to always exceed your expectations.

Kim Olson

The Mower Shop sells OEM* Grasshopper® Mower parts.
* Original Equipment Manufacturer
Why are OEM parts better?
You made a substantial investment in high-quality machinery when you purchased a Grasshopper® mower, deck, and attachments. When you invest in quality Grasshopper® equipment, don't be tempted to save a few dollars on generic aftermarket parts that can reduce your mower's power or efficiency. Protect your investment and ensure peak performance by trusting only genuine Grasshopper® parts and supplies to maintain your mower. After-market parts have proven time and time again to be unacceptable, and have even voided warranty in some situations. Manufactured to meet ultra-precise engineering specifications, genuine Grasshopper® parts help you maximize performance and significantly extend the life of your mower.

The Mower Shop, Inc. is an authorized Grasshopper® Dealer and OEM Grasshopper® Parts House. The Mower Shop offers competitive pricing, so why settle for after-market parts when you can go with genuine OEM parts?

We Stock Thousands of OEM Grasshopper® Replacement Parts

The Mower Shop keeps on hand and ready to ship, more Grasshopper® replacement parts than many shops sell in a lifetime. We often fill as much as 98% of our orders from stock on hand, and if we receive an order for something we don't have in stock, we'll order it right away. The photos below represent only a portion of our substantial inventory. We're ready and able to ship the part(s) you need to keep your Grasshopper® machine running in top condition.

The Mower Shop stocks thousands of Grasshopper OEM parts

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The Mower Shop, Fort Smith, AR

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