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for FrontMount™ & MidMount™ Decks

IMORTANT NOTE: The Side Discharge Control Kit fits all Font Mount decks and Mid Mount decks that utilize the Wing Nut Retention Screw (part number 252821). If your deck uses a Push Pin to retain the original Discharge Chute, THIS KIT WILL NOT FIT. For this kit to work, the Serial Number on your deck should be 54XXXXX or higher.

The Side Discharge Control Kit allows for temporary "on-demand" restriction of the side discharge opening to divert clippings when mowing along sidewalks, planting beds and other landscape features. Pull the lever back to raise the discharge shield and lower the restrictor simultaneously; push the lever forward to raise the restrictor and lower the shield to return to side discharge. Available for all Grasshopper MidMount™ and FrontMount™ decks (48" and larger).

NOTE: The Side Discharge Control Kit is not intended nor is it designed to replace the Down Discharge™ Mulching Package. Clippings and material are not "mulched" but restricted from exiting the discharge opening.

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504210 - Grasshopper Convertible Side-Discharge Control Kit

Grasshopper side discharge control

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