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Grasshopper® CoolTemp HYDRO-MAX
Transmission Fluid

345046 • CoolTemp Hydro-Max Transmission Fluid, 2 gallons - click here for price, and to order
345044 • CoolTemp Hydro-Max Transmission Fluid, 1 quart - click here for price, and to order

2 gallons Hydro-Max Transmission Fluid for Grasshopper Mowers 1 quart Hydro-Max Transmission Fluid for Grasshopper Mowers

CoolTemp HYDRO-MAX™ Extended-Life Hydrostatic Fluid is a special formulation of patented anti-wear additives designed to maximize service life of critical transmission components and minimize fluid and filter changes. CoolTemp HYDRO-MAX™ has been tested extensively in Grasshopper's research facilities to provide superior protection and maximum performance in all Grasshopper transmissions for a wide array of operating and temperature extremes - hot or cold.

CoolTemp HYDRO-MAX™ fluid, together with Genuine Grasshopper filters, form an advanced protective shield to eliminate break-in and filter changes while also significantly extending service intervals and lowering costs versus other hydro systems. In fact, CoolTemp HYDRO-MAX™ fluid can lower operating temperatures by as much as 15° F., lengthening the transmission's life expectancy significantly.

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